The Up-and-Down History of Indie Label in Indonesia

Payung Teduh

Some people may still be familiar with indie bands. According to the origin of independent word which means independence, independent, free-spirited, and independent, to the extent that freely adopted, can be interpreted two notions of indie bands that now thrive in the country.

Understanding unity that can be given to the indie band is their works are outside the mainstream or contrary to the style of the song that is selling in the market. They are free to spark a work that is very contrary to that of the market, or in a different word is not commercial and typically has its own market share of the type of song they offer.

The second understanding of indie bands is that the band recorded and sold their own songs. Usually these bands have songs that can be accepted by the market, but in the cultivation of the album, they do not involve major labels or record companies that already have names.

Recent developments, not a few bands that spawned an indie album that turned out to have a large market share. Their marketing generally passes between the antagonists or through the established network of schools.

This is different from the situation abroad. Usually a label can and want to facilitate the band under their auspices to the maximum, to the extent that the band can achieve success because of a reciprocal relationship that is comparable to the label. Call it a successful overseas indie record company like Fatwreck, Epitaph Records, Matador Records, etc.

One of the major dividends acquired by a band that has entered the major label is in terms of broader cassette distribution, and the commercial side of the band is clearly more uplifted. But it does not mean that the entire band approves of the superiority that this major path offers, because for some of the most important musicians for a band is the freedom to work, which perhaps can not be obtained through major record companies.

The precursor to the formation of indie atmosphere in Indonesia is difficult to get out of the pioneer rocker-rocker changes of the 1970s as a precursor.

They are following the first generation of Indonesian rockers. In fact, the songs played by the bands above are not their own songs.

This counter-productive tradition then recorded the history of his name that had been smashed on the national stage.

Besides, it is Log Zhelebour who gave birth to the first rock record label in Indonesia, Logiss Records. The first product of this label is God Bless Black Ants third album which was launched in 1988 and sold to 400,000 tapes in all Indonesia.

In the 2000s to the present, indie music is growing rapidly by the growing number of independent record labels. Especially supported by internet technology civilization that allows them to introduce works for a potential audience with a lower cost through the music blog, social networking like Myspace which is also used independent music companies to create a great civilization in business.

It is also supported by the seriousness of independent record labels in business and promotion which recently was intensively implemented by Aksara Records and De Majors in Jakarta and FFWD Records in Bandung.

Payung Teduh

The indie recording company spends the ground or container for post-punk, indie pop, electronic, metal, alternative rock, etc bands, broad distribution channels, comparable outcomes between labels and bands, DIY idealists (Do It Yourself) marketing, art and artificial guides given their belief in freedom of expression, innovation and diversity with simple destinations, disseminating and introducing the music they love.

Now it is time for indie bands to indicate all the potential and ability. Do not imitate independent senior bands that fail, without work, and without appreciation. Being indie band is easy, but so the indie band that ‘success’ is indeed need a long struggle, sweat, effort, and hard work. Also capital and opportunities as supporters.

so, for you who want a career in the world “INDIE”, wise & not infrequently up-to-date about info about music.

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