Sheila On 7: The Indonesian Band Who Proves Their Existence for 22 Years

Jakarta: 22 years is not a short time in maintaining the existence of a musical group. The popularity, friction and storms in the industry have been experienced by them, Sheila On 7.

The beginning of 2018 becomes an important list in the history of the Yogyakarta origin group. For the first time they released a single – Favorite Movie – no big-name labels on the back. As you know with the big Sheila On 7 under major label shades, from self-titled debut album (1999) to 8th album, Good Season (2014). Practically more than half the age of this band they spent together with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. Through the label Sheila also got the title “Band One Million Copy” which signifies their success in marketing the album.

With everything they’ve experienced about 22 years, Sheila On 7 has started a good season in 2018. Through 507 Records, the label they founded, Sheila is still sailing. What they experienced for years with big labels became urgent travel provisions.

Interestingly, Sheila On 7 became one of the few groups from the late 1990s to survive for so long, with the frequency of the stage schedule being maintained and the consistency of releasing new materials. That whole thing does not just happen without escorting the embers.

Sheila on 7 on Their First Set

Sheila On 7 is one of the bands of the late 1990s that still exist today, according to what you are the biggest obstacle to being a band today?

Duta: Sheila On 7 started recording when Eross was 19 years old, I’m 18 years old. When the first album Sheila (self-titled, 1999) came out, Eross age 20, I was 19. So that’s when the kids in our age who play a lot nicely. We at that time may have a label as millions of copies, but our game musically has not matured at all. Maybe people’s expectations of us are high. The challenge is there. As for other bands, perhaps the challenge is to get a contract from a record label that is not easy.

Now anyone can sell the recordings. Even the recording in the room. I can not say all, but some people do not care about the songs they hear recorded with pre-amps worth tens of millions, or using the microphone A or B study space. So, that’s the real challenge nowadays. Educate those people. Educate if the artist is working on the recordings until such a time. Although this time also not a few artists karbitan, his English poser. They are not artists at all, they are merely bandwagon. So that is what creates our work more heavily in the meaning of educating. If the whole is on the same page as the musician’s glasses, it might be easier. With a diverse audience, the challenge is there. Also the challenge of escorting existence, 22 years is not a matter for a moment.

What’s this 22-year-old essential thing that you guard and protect the integrity of Sheila On 7?

Duta: Passion. That secures Sheila On 7 from her yes passion damage. How do we reverse the spirit of music.

As long as I chatted with them, from the weightless and unqualified chatter, they baseball once said, “boring for playing music band.” I make no lie to you, guys, never say never had such a sentence out of us for about 22 years. The worst of circumstances. But we were tired of problems. This band ever wanted to break up! Not cause tired to play music, because the problem is there. There was a moment of feeling, “I can not solve this problem.”

To this day, our passion is still the same. Deg-degan up stage still exist. To this day I am still on stage. The analogy, why ride a roller-coaster when it already knows the taste and enggak deg-degan? For what so performers when baseball can feel distracted? Because it keeps my focus, my concentration. I am actually afraid when going up the stage is normal, meaning it is no longer special for me. We do not often try to reverse the values ​​we struggle with from the very beginning of playing music together.

(The period of near dispersal) occurred in 2006 to 2008. It was our toughest phases.

In recording the song at this time, of course the atmosphere you are not like when still single who can capture the idea of ​​Lonely Men kind, Gentlemen or Bobrok. What creates you remain sensitive in the creative process of songwriting?

Eross: If the quantity falls far, what we can do today is to maintain the quality. Many theme songs that we have never written. Now still really selective and baseball may be forced. Maybe you can pursue the quantity of songwriting like before, but can not keep the song weird? So I do not block myself with anything.

Like me (listened to) Muse, from there I know the placement of a nice aperggio. Then I simplify become Favorite Movie Intro. And Muse comes after Sheila On 7 is established with the existing musical style. So as I walked, I did not block the ears with what was.

New Album SO7

Sheila On 7 when this really assess its own fate. Do you use this business to work on further exploration of different music genres that you have not previously tested?

Eross: We do not often raise this issue. In Indonesia, when you have no color of music, finish. Coincidence Sheila On 7 from the beginning of career, people are not difficult to pursue the characteristic of Sheila On 7. And that until today we keep. So even the music director we choose, he also keep the seeds (typical music) Sheila, but reproduced fertilizer. It’s not a coincidence that this kind of music is mixed up. Some say when a song is played by different people, but when we play so special.

So, are you gonna start involving the producers of so many backgrounds in the upcoming album?

Duta: We are exploring that possibility, perhaps one day we are working on explorations with Marco Steffiano, Nikita Dompas or Ifa Fachir. Many of us have entered the list. Depending on the need of the song. We want to try such a technique.

Included with may involve a producer from abroad?

Duta: That’s what’s not in our chat. Not so far. One day want if there is a chance and his mood is willing. In collaboration with experienced producers who probably do not know Sheila On 7 but we want to cooperate.

Based on your information, it is still relevant indie and major terms in the music world?

Duta: It depends on the context. If we talk to labels, it’s probably out there that there are labels that have not done what it’s supposed to do, but the reality is that not a few labels do things that should not be done.

He (the label) of his realm evolves toward a different direction toward commodities, working on the essentially unnecessary. But what is essentially not done, about the distribution of for example. With this affair, Sheila does not want to look for labels anymore. We analogize like school people, labels like parents, after shading from elementary, junior high school and after successfully reaching S1, we have the choice to apply our science or continue S2.

We are here to learn to apply a good system for 507 Records, if we have run well, we can hire different people who run the system. Instead we collaborate with people who bring their own systems.

Eross: Technological developments per five years will change. A major label error, they contracted the artist too long with the industry mindset on when the contract was made. We contracted in 1998, in that year CD and cassette main menu. But on the way, there are blunders. Because the existing contract is no longer relevant to the existing era.

Our First Ambassadors assume contracted long, our fate is guaranteed. It’s our learning that takes us at this point. All musicians have the right to vote.

It demands that all musicians at this time are legally literate on contract?

Duta: It must be, now not a few friends of musicians who study law and open consulting about the law. Hopefully the new bands do not need to feel what the old bands are going through.

Master album debut until your eighth album must be held by the old label, is it possible that you released the re-issue issue of Sheila On 7 albums, see next year (2019) your self-titled 20-year-old album?

Duta: The possibility exists, but I’m sure the label will not let go.

Eross: I heard yesterday that the master’s age is 20 years. But the rottenness of the album, let it be like that. We also hear our label that used to stop made album Sheila On 7.

Duta: There is a perception in a law like that (about the age of the recording master). That’s what we’re digging. Most probably we re-record the song, live. We also record a number of times live. We will release if conditions permit, if there are no parties who feel harmed.

We feel beyond the weakness we get, we skip. We are grateful to still be handed the power, high passion, so that can make new works.

Brian and Eross released solo albums in the last two years. Do Duta and Adam also have a solo career plan?

Duta: I like to be afraid when I say. Never had my solo chat with the kids (personality Sheila On 7). If you make a song, there is. For my song saves. Do not have the minds of these songs should I spend in the form of solos.

Adam: There is no such plan.

What’s the big theme of Sheila On 7’s upcoming album?

Duta: If the theme I believe can no longer be like songs in the era of 1999, like album one second album. The theme can come from so many things, from friends’ stories or from our social life. But, not baseball maybe the next five years we recorded a song like 1999. Because my son is very large, the end of August this year age 14 years. Let’s say 3 years my 17-year-old son and I became inspired to record the life of the child’s age, because in 1996 at the time Sheila On 7 age I was 16 or 17 years old. Because of what I am listening to at this time, the story of my children.

Later, rolling out the collective motivation to bring Indonesian music to a wider realm. In terms of promotion of culture and collective identity in particular. It can not be separated from the initiation of all musicians and government (BEKraf). How do you think

Duta: It takes a high commitment and the music world is too plural. As I said, there are really musicians there who are poser. We can not know the commitment of people, the parameter is too much. We see ikhitar from friends like Mas Tompi, Glenn in the Indonesian Music Conference (scheduled to be held in Ambon, in March 2018). If it hits the rules or something, is the commitment still the same? Or look for congratulations on their own? That is what must be seen. Music is too compounded, the spirit of the music is too much, the spirit is different, the effort is different. All this has been done partially. Alone. Sheila baseball, we educated Sheila Gank first. Starting from educating the purchase of original goods. From those little things we educated.

We have empirical there are people who ask for signatures on pirated CDs. We can not prohibit, because it is your money. But we can not blame you if you get unfavorable treatment from Sheila On 7, because what you are doing (by purchasing pirated products Sheila On 7) is painful to us.

If there are musicians you want to collaborate with, who are they?

Brian: What we did on stage and was memorable, Raisa.

Duta: Mr. Iwan Fals, when the same collaboration Slank and Gigi has been realized. Ahmad Albar had time to materialize concert but the time was singing busy, not a duet alone. Ari Lasso had never been. Yura Yunita was okay.

Adam: Raisa, Gigi, Isyana has never been.

Eross: I love Lana Del Rey. Unique, want to know the process (music). If it’s local, Barasuara.

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